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Has Valentine's Day Always Been a Day of Love?

Has Valentine's Day Always Been a Day of Love?

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give–which is everything."

Katharine Hepburn

Love is in the air, and the awaited day is to arrive. Valentine's Day is a day of affection, sweet adoration, appreciation, and affection. But has it always been this way? 

Honestly, if you love someone, you show them all year round. But showering someone with flowers, chocolates, and cute little hand-written notes on Valentine's day — hits differently. 

However, the day has a gruesome, dark, strange history. While there are many origins to the story of Valentine's Day, let's explore where the festivities began. 

The Origin 

Although Valentine's Day's origin is shrouded in mystery, let's break it down to see what we know. 

Where Does the Word Valentine Come From?

Historically, there are multiple men named Saint Valentines. One of these accounts mentions a St Valentine's who was a Roman Catholic Priest. During this, Emperor Claudius II banned young men from getting married because it would be a distraction for them to perform in the military. 

St Valentine dreaded this decision and chose to get married secretly. Once the Emperor found out, he commanded St Valentine to be incarcerated. However, love has no boundaries and does not stop anywhere. Even in jail, Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter, and before he was executed, he wrote a love letter signed "Your, Valentine." Hence, the term Valentine comes into use. 

During and after the 18th century, thanks to Chaucer and Shakespeare, the term "Valentine" was used to refer to lovers in many pieces of literature. 

Why is it Celebrated on the 14th of February? 

The history is a bit muddy on the facts of Valentine's Day. But back then, it was common to have various festivities and carnivals in February.  

Originally, from the 13th to the 15th of Feb, the Roman Priests carried a Pagan ritual that promoted fertility, known as Lupercalia or Fertility Festival.  

However, due to religious differences, the Christian church chose those dates to celebrate the St. Valentine's feast day to outlaw the pagan event. Moreover, it is also said that the execution of Saint Valentine happened on this date.

Hence, pope Galantis declared the date to celebrate St Valentine's Feast Day on 14th February. Eventually, the Day of Love is celebrated after many cultural changes on the said date. 

The Traditions

Thankfully, lovers have left the gruesome history in the past and chosen a beautiful day to show affection to their beloved partners. Generally, everyone chooses Valentine's day as an excuse to pamper their darlings with cards, heart-shaped chocolates, jewellery, and gorgeous luxury rose boxes

On the other hand, some choose this day to get engaged to the apple of their eye. In 2013, over 6 million couples got engaged on Valentine's Day. Well, isn't that perfect? We're sure of the chances of hearing a "no" drop when love is in the air. 

Meanwhile, in South Korea, women initiate their intimacy towards men, and men spend the day getting all loved and pampered, as they deserve. The whole World reunites on this day and spreads love and joy in the way they know best, with flowers, festivities, and friendships. 

Although, there are some places such as Russia and India that still don't approve of the ideology around Valentine's day — yet lovers still choose to rebel because that's the power of love. 

What is Galentines?

Not everyone has someone to cuddle with on the 14th. The season is so focused on romantic love that it can leave you lonely. Fret not, as you have Galentine's Day on the 13th of February. Mark your calendars and gather up your girl gang if you choose to have a blast with your gals. 

Take the opportunity to appreciate your friendships with your best friends and share a box of red and pink luxury roses to show how much you love them. Such a move can strengthen your bond and make you understand the importance of having genuine, wonderful friends. 

After all, all you need is a reason to cherish and treasure your comrades. 

True Essence of Valentine's Day: Why is it Celebrated? 

Being a giver, especially when delivering love, can be a little tricky. 

How often have you been told that show, not tell, and actions speak louder than words? 

Well, Valentine's Day allows you to do just that. 

When we think about love language, we have five factors — physical touch, quality time, acts of service, words and affirmation, and gifting. Most of us make the mistake of wanting to receive these love factors consistently. But what about giving? What about going all out for the one person that truly means the world to you? 

No relationship is perfect, and Valentine's Day is a day to make it as perfect as possible. We all live a busy life of hustle, where we don't have a moment to stop and get our loved one a single rose. The love you feel for your partner is within you, and they need to feel it and experience it, too. 

When you express your love to them, it motivates them to reciprocate. Valentine's Day offers you the chance to celebrate your time of togetherness in the past, today and tomorrow. It helps you demonstrate your loyalty, commitment, and dedication towards them. 

Do you want to allow yourself to open up to your partner and show them your capacity for unconditional and pure love for them? 

Then, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to do that, and if you top it off with a breathtaking assortment of 5 rose heads in a luxury box, it'll make your day even more perfect. 

What Does Valentine's Day Mean Today?

For thousands of years, mid-February was filled with Pagan celebrations of fertility. The festival included a series of rituals, such as picking names from an urn. Afterward, couples would find each other, celebrate their fate, and marry each other. Even today, in some countries, such as South Africa, the days of Lupercalia are still observed. 

The idea of love on the 14th of February does come back from the 5th century; however, the modern association of the writers named ‘Chaucer’ and ‘Shakespeare’ has also made the holiday more popular. 

Other than that, Hallmark Movies and mushy rom-coms have left no room for not celebrating Valentine's Day with love. 

So, from a gruesome start to a positive finish, don't all the best stories end that way? 

Valentine's Day is now celebrated under love's light by sending cards, candies, dates, going on sweet dates, and presenting flowers. 

The Perfect Valentine's Day Date 

Love is a fleeting and elusive chemical craved by all, yet it is hard to describe. No wonder it is so daunting to convey how you feel about them to someone. 

If you are in the holiday spirit, you must already be preparing to attempt the grand gesture to display your affection to the love of your life.  

Whether it is a candle-lit spread at home or a fancy dinner table in town, planning the perfect Valentine's Day can be intimidating. 

We believe the perfect date would be a day spent together doing things you love the most. And while you do that, you don't forget to remind them of how much you love them by presenting them sublime gifts such as cute jewelry, their favorite chocolates, and an arrangement of 3 single red roses in a luxury box.

Start your day by making breakfast together, which you can eat while you snuggle up on the sofa to watch your favorite Valentine's-themed rom-com. 

You could either stay home and enjoy a cozy dinner by ordering in your most enjoyed take-out, or if you can't wait to escape the city, you plan a staycation in the nearest quaint town. 

It doesn't matter if you are taking a relaxing boat ride together, walking by the beach, or going on a roller coaster ride at the carnival. What matters is that you have your hand in theirs, and your soul is fulfilled with their presence. 

Final Thoughts

It is up to you to figure out how you wish to celebrate Valentine's Day. You could skip it or share the day with your friends, family, loved ones, co-workers, or even with yourself. All you need to do is express your love, no matter who.

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