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What are infinity roses and why are they so popular?

What are infinity roses and why are they so popular?

Have you ever wished that you could make your sentimental bouquet from a special someone last longer? Flowers are a beautiful, thoughtful and personal gift, but most bouquets begin to wilt after a couple of weeks of receiving them. However, infinity roses are the solution to this problem. 

Infinity roses, or commonly known as ‘forever roses’, ‘everlasting roses’ or ‘eternal roses’ are fresh roses whose freshness has been preserved using a unique, scientific preservation method. They boast the beauty of fresh roses, yet can be enjoyed for years! 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about infinity roses!

What is the preservation method? 

Step 1 - Getting roses at the right time. Roses are selected when they are in peak bloom. The best roses are normally sourced from Ecuador or Colombia - two countries that are known for cultivating the highest quality roses.


Step 2 - The re-hydration process, where the rose is placed in natural ingredients, such as glycerin and herbal mixtures.


Step 3 - Dying the roses, to either change their colour or reinforce their original colour.


Step 4 - Prepare the roses for a beautiful bouquet. 

How long do infinity roses last and what is the best way to care for them?

There are numerous benefits to buying infinity roses. One thing that is so special about these roses is that they are incredibly low maintenance.  Due to the way they are preserved, they do not need to be watered or intricately cared for in the same way that fresh roses do. 

Regular fresh roses last for around 1-2 weeks, when cared for properly. Caring for regular fresh roses includes trimming the stems, to maximise the flowers’ water absorption and regularly changing the water inside the vase. However, you don’t have to worry about any of this with infinity roses. With minimum maintenance efforts, you can make these flowers last three years, or even longer! 

Despite the relatively low maintenance required for the care of infinity roses, follow these simple tips to help your roses last as long as possible: 

  1. Do not touch! The oil from the skin of your hands can tarnish the roses by wearing down the preserved petals. 
  2. Avoid direct sunlight and harsh artificial light.
  3. Avoid heating, air conditioning and humidity - place your roses in a room temperature environment.
  4. Do not water these roses! Remember - although they look as good as regular fresh roses, they have been perfectly preserved, and watering could undo this preservation.
  5. Brush the roses from time to time to avoid the accumulation of dust. If you are using a cloth to dust your roses, make sure that you are using a white cloth so as to avoid staining the roses.
  6. If your roses are arranged in one of our hand-crafted boxes, do not remove the roses from the box as this could risk damaging them.
  7. Do not shake the box around.
  8. Remember that the petals are real, so they are fragile! Do not put anything heavy on top of the box to make sure that the flowers are kept intact. 

Do infinity roses still have a scent?

Another benefit to infinity roses is that not only do they look as good as fresh roses, but they smell as good too! Although their natural scent is removed during the preservation process, they are given a scent so that they smell just as good as fresh roses. 

What colours do infinity roses come in?

Since infinity roses are dyed during the preservation process, they come in a much wider variety of colours than fresh roses. This means that there truly is an infinity rose to please everyone! Not only can you find infinity roses in every colour of the rainbow, but there are also metallic infinity roses! 

What do infinity roses symbolise?

Infinity roses are usually presented as gifts to express love, affection and togetherness. Due to the almost undying nature of these flowers, they are a symbol of one’s undying love and affection - a perfect gift to tell someone how much you love them. Consequently, they have become a popular present for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. 

Like regular fresh roses, different coloured infinity roses hold different meanings. For example, red roses reflect love and passion, making them an ideal gift for loved ones. However, pink roses symbolise friendship and are the best way to let a dear friend know how much they mean to you. White roses reflect purity and innocence and are therefore most commonly found at events such as weddings, graduations and funerals. Yellow roses reflect happiness and support and are an ideal gift to present to someone in times of need.


If you are thinking of gifting someone with a beautiful, fragrant bouquet of roses, why not upgrade your regular roses to infinity roses, allowing your sentimental gift to last years! These roses are so special, making the perfect gift for a loved one. Not only are infinity roses an excellent gift, but their long-lasting nature makes them a great addition to your home decor. 

We hope this guide has taught you some more about what infinity roses actually are and how you can best care for them. We are confident that once you buy your first box of infinity roses, you will keep coming back for more, ensuring these beautiful flowers remain a staple piece of your home’s design.



Check out our extensive collection of infinity roses and make someone’s day with this beautiful gift, or why not just treat yourself? 



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